What’s a Medical Lien After a Crash?

When you suffer injuries in a car accident and need to pursue compensation, you may encounter numerous obstacles. One thing to be aware of is a potential medical lien. In many cases, medical insurance companies or hospitals that provide care to those who suffer injuries may seek to secure a medical lien.

Here’s a situation to consider:

  • Your health insurance pays $15,000 for the medical care you receive after an accident.
  • You obtain $40,000 in compensation.
  • The health insurance company secures a medical lien to pursue their $15,000 out of your compensation.

If this happens to you, it’s crucial to understand your options.

What Can I Do About a Medical Lien?

  • Utilize your Personal Injury Protection insurance: In many cases, your PIP insurance can help cover medical care expenses or a portion of them.
  • Negotiate with the hospital or health insurance company: You can speak with the provider to determine if you can settle the amount owed for less than they are seeking. You may want to have a lawyer help you complete this to protect your rights.
  • Attempt to invalidate the lien: If you can show that the insurance company or hospital is seeking more than they should, you could attempt to invalidate the lien. Speak with a lawyer to learn if this is possible.

A medical lien can turn an already difficult situation and make it more challenging. The medical lien can delay your ability to obtain the full amount of compensation you deserve. Working with legal counsel can help you safeguard your rights and potentially reduce or eliminate the lien completely.

After a crash resulting from someone else’s negligence, you deserve to seek compensation. Our Oregon car accident attorneys are ready to help you. At The Gatti Law Firm, we’re committed to helping you with the strong legal counsel you need. We give you a voice and seek the maximum compensation available to you.

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