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Protect Your Future by Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim

After you’ve been hurt on the job, you’re legally entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits, to cover the costs of your injuries and time off work. Although most Oregon employers are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and act fast on your claim, however, there are times when you need the help of an attorney to get your full benefits.

When you call the Portland & Clackamas attorneys at The Gatti Law Firm, we’ll always treat you with the respect and integrity you’d expect from a Clackamas workers’ compensation attorney. We know how stressful it can be to worry about your financial future while you’re trying to recover from work-induced injuries. Let our team help you maximize your chance at receiving benefits by giving us a call.

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Common Workplace Injuries in Portland & Clackamas

Whether you work in a dangerous field like construction or sit at a desk typing all day, your workplace could be rife with safety hazards. While the scale of these hazards can range, everyone deserves to be safe and comfortable in their workplace. This is why the state of Oregon requires employers to carry valid workers’ compensation insurance, and cover most on-the-job injuries.

Some of the most common on-the-job injuries we’ve seen include:

Let Us Negotiate with Insurers For You

Of course, even when your injuries should be fully covered, your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance provider may attempt to deny your claim. In fact, most claims are denied the first time around, usually because the claimant did not follow all the rules and procedures required.

When you’ve sustained a workplace injury, it’s important to review your case with a qualified attorney. Because we can negotiate with difficult insurers and present a unified front to your employer, it may be easier to secure your benefits without the stress and hassle of filing on your own. Our Clackamas workers’ comp team can help you quickly gather documentation, file the appropriate forms, and even take the claim to trial if it becomes necessary.

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