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When a car collides with a pedestrian, the driver usually walks away unscathed while the pedestrian can suffer from extremely debilitating injuries. Whether you have sustained a catastrophic injury such as: traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, back injury, broken bones or internal injuries, you can count on The Gatti Law Firm to represent your best interests in the days ahead.

More often than not, a pedestrian becomes an accident victim because a driver failed to abide by traffic laws. We will investigate the details surrounding your case to see if the at-fault motorist was speeding, ignoring the weather or traffic conditions, impaired, distracted, or if he/she disregarded traffic signals or signs.

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident, The Gatti Law Firm can help you get reimbursement for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For a free legal consultation with one of our experienced Salem pedestrian accident lawyers, call our office today at (503) 543-1114.

What Are Driver & Pedestrian Responsibilities?

Drivers and pedestrians alike are expected to exercise reasonable care while on the road, and when they fail to do so, you can hold the liable party accountable.

Pedestrians are expected to:

  • Obey the “walk” signal at an intersection
  • Not disrupt the flow of traffic
  • Not disregard marked crosswalks
  • Not dart in front of vehicles

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