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Product manufacturers are legally responsible for making products that are safe and free from defects. Unfortunately, however, defective products are responsible for thousands of injuries each year across the country.

When a defective product causes an injury, the manufacturer is liable for the damages. If you have been injured by a defective product, you could be reimbursed for your injuries.

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What Is Considered a Defective Product?

A product is defective when it poses an unreasonable danger to consumers. In other words, a defective product contains a flaw that can cause an injury or illness. In extreme cases, faulty products can be responsible for brain damage, paralysis, amputation, disfigurement, and even death.

If you have suffered an injury due to a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Common Product Liability Claims

Defective product claims, also known as product liability claims, occur when a product’s manufacturer is responsible for a design flaw or manufacturing defect that caused harm to a consumer. These types of claims can include manufacturing, design, and warning defects. Manufacturing defects occur during the product’s production, and design defects result from the faulty design of the product, making it inherently dangerous. Conversely, warning defects arise from the failure of a manufacturer to appropriately warn consumers regarding potential harm or danger.

Below, we will discuss common defective product claims and ways in which you can protect your rights as a consumer:

  • Defective Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Claims: Defective medical products are commonly used in medicine, and patient injuries can happen because of these products. In such cases, consumers can file defective product claims against medical device manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies. If you or your loved one is injured due to a defective medical product, contact an attorney immediately.
  • Defective Automobile Products Claims: Automobile manufacturers have a legal responsibility to design and build vehicles that are safe for drivers and passengers. However, many automobile products have faulty designs, which can cause accidents, physical injuries, and even death. Some of these defects are power steering failure, brake failure, airbag failure, and accelerator defects. If a vehicle defect causes injury or death while on the road, the car owner can file a defective product claim against the vehicle manufacturers.
  • Defective Household Products Claims: Household products, including appliances, tools, and furniture, can cause serious injury if they’re defective. Defective toasters, electric blankets, hairdryers, and other household products can cause fires and injury to consumers. The injured consumer can file a defective product claim against the manufacturer of the product.

What Should You Do if You Have a Defective Product Claim in Salem, OR?

If you or your loved one has been injured because of a defective product, your first priority should be to seek medical attention. Once you have received the necessary medical care, you should contact a product liability attorney, who will assess your case and provide you with the necessary guidance to file a claim.

Do I Have a Case for a Defective Product Claim?

To prove that a product is defective, you must demonstrate that:

  • You were using the product as intended.
  • The product was unreasonably dangerous.
  • The defective product caused your injuries.

To prove that the defective product caused your injuries, you must demonstrate that:

  • The defective product was a substantial factor in causing your injuries.
  • You would not have suffered the injuries if the defective product had not been present.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Product liability cases can be complex. In these cases, the liable party usually tries to prove that you were partially or wholly responsible for your injuries. You must also show that your injuries were significant enough to warrant compensation.

Making such a case on your own will be difficult. Our team can put in the long hours to investigate your claims. We may be able to uncover the cause of your injury, be it a design flaw or a mislabeled product.

Don’t try to make a defective product claim on your own. Our team is here to help you recover the compensation you are owed.

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