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Shame, depression, and anxiety are common, understandable emotions among victims of sexual abuse. Many victims have feelings of anxiety and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, as well. Although nothing can remove the emotional anguish you’ve endured, you can seek justice and closure by holding the perpetrator accountable for their actions. It doesn’t matter if it occurred once or multiple times, sexual abuse is against the law. You may be nervous at the idea of confronting your attacker, particularly if a child victim is involved, but we want you to know you have legal recourse to seek justice.

Whether you want to take your injury case to court or handle it privately behind closed doors, we are here to help you take legal action on your terms. We strive to bring all facts to light with the goal of securing a favorable settlement or verdict that allows you to pursue the medical and psychological treatment you need and that ensures your attacker is put behind bars where he/she cannot commit similar acts against anyone else.

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Forms of Sexual Abuse and Assault

Sexual assault can occur in any number of scenarios, from a clergy member molesting a child to a teacher abusing a student, or an elderly patient in a nursing home being sexually assaulted. In many cases, the victim knows their abuser and the attacker violates their trust by making unwanted sexual advances. Men, women, and children have all been victims of sexual abuse and, on average, there are 321,500 victims of sexual abuse every year, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

Consent is a pivotal factor in sexual abuse cases, as the defense often asserts that the contact between yourself and the defendant was consensual. Sometimes, the defense will attack the victim’s character, accusing the victim of seeking revenge against the defendant, or simply calling them delusional. With our trial experience, we can stand up for you and protect your rights and reputation as we fight alongside you for justice.

Sexual abuse laws punish the following crimes under Oregon law

  • Rape
  • Sodomy
  • Unlawful sexual penetration
  • Adult incest
  • Bigamy
  • Purchasing sex with a minor
  • Sexual abuse of a person under 14 years of age
  • Online sexual corruption of a child
  • Sexual misconduct

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