[Infographic] Questions Insurance Adjusters May Try to Ask You

Before we provide you with a list of questions you may receive from insurance adjusters, we must advise you to avoid speaking with them as much as possible. It’s always advisable to have legal counsel speak with insurance adjusters to prevent them from taking advantage of your rights. However, so you are fully prepared, we want you to recognize what questions you may receive.

insurance adjuster questions, were you injured?, how fast were you going?, did you know this call is recorded?, was there a police report?

Were You Injured and Seen By a Medical Professional?

Insurance adjusters base your settlement offer on your damages, including how severe your injuries are. They want to know if you suffered injuries, if you received medical care, and what your diagnosis is. They may ask this question early in the process, and if you’re dealing with latency issues, it could potentially impact your claim.

How Fast Were You Going?

Some insurance adjusters ask questions, even when they already have the answer. If they ask you what speed you were traveling, they may be looking for a contradictory answer. Insurance adjusters can use what you say against you, so it’s crucial to ensure your statements are accurate, truthful, and consistent.

Do You Acknowledge This Call Is Recorded?

What may seem like a simple and innocent question is not always something that favors your case. A recorded conversation only helps insurance companies protect their profit because they may try to utilize your statements to minimize or deny your claim completely.

Was There a Police Report?

Odds are, the insurance company already knows there’s a police report. They have the information they need, but they want to hear your statements. While we feel you shouldn’t discuss your accident, if insurance adjusters do ask you questions, we advise you to stick with the facts.

Before you answer any question from insurance adjusters, make sure you have legal counsel on your side. Protecting your rights is the utmost priority, and your attorney can be there for you every step of the way.

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