Does It Matter Who the Police Report Says Is At Fault?

After a crash, it’s crucial to report the accident to local law enforcement. Local authorities can help with recording the accident scene, statements from witnesses, and a clear look at the damages. As such, accident reports can be integral in your ability to obtain compensation, making for valuable pieces of evidence.

However, one question we often receive is, “will the police report say who is at fault for the accident?” Keep in mind that while the police report serves as a helpful tool in filing your claim, it’s not the deciding factor in liability.

Police Reports Don’t Label Liability

The police report can detail the circumstances surrounding the accident. They can detail the positioning of the vehicles, any tire marks, damage to the vehicles, and statements made by all parties and witnesses involved. However, it won’t specifically name one person as the at-fault party.

Instead, it’s up to your legal counsel to analyze the details within the police report and position it in a way that helps you file a claim and pursue compensation. Work quickly to have your legal team get the police report. The quicker you start the process, the better!

How Helpful Is a Police Report?

The police report can be crucial to your success. While it helps paint the overall picture, it can also inform the insurance company if you receive medical care at the accident scene. The police report and a collection of all evidence help insurance adjusters make their decision about compensation, but it’s still up to a lawyer to strengthen your claim.

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