[Infographic] What Are the Golden Rules of Driving?

Staying safe is always a priority. When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, it’s crucial to recognize the golden rules of driving to stay as safe as possible. Below, we’ll give you some of the defensive driving tips that can help you avoid potential harm on the road.

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Wear Your Seat Belt

While you may not be able to avoid a car accident when someone else is negligent, you can take steps to prevent serious harm. Wearing your seat belt can save your life. Your seat belt can keep you from being thrown around the cab of your vehicle and suffering significant harm.

Stay Alert and In Your Lane

Others may be negligent or act recklessly, but what you do can help keep you safe. Staying alert on the road means scanning in front of you, to your sides, and behind you. Of course, you must do this safely, staying in your lane and clear of other vehicles.

Abide By Traffic Laws and Lights

Speed limits, stop signs, traffic lights; they all exist to keep people safe on the road. Whenever someone doesn’t abide by traffic laws, signals, and laws, they create unnecessary dangers that can cause long-term harm. You should always follow these laws, even when others don’t.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

When you drive aggressively, it can antagonize others to act in the same manner. Aggressive driving can include actions such as cutting others off, honking your horn, tailgating, and more. This type of behavior on the road can quickly lead to a crash and subsequent harm.

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