Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe This Winter

Whenever the weather changes and we get closer to the winter months, you may start to see more accidents on the road. Unfortunately, any kind of weather throughout Oregon can make it treacherous, especially when drivers aren’t paying close attention to what they’re doing.

In any case, safety should be your utmost priority on the road, but it’s even more vital in the winter months. As we approach this dangerous time of the year, it’s vital to recognize defensive driving tips that can help keep you safe.

Drive for the Conditions

Posted speed limits are great, but even in the best weather, there are people who exceed them. In the winter months when rain is falling and conditions worsen, you may not even want to go the speed limit. You should only drive as fast as it is safe for the conditions on the road.

A wet and slippery road can cause you to lose control quickly. Puddles can cause you to hydroplane and swerve into multiple lanes. No matter the case, make sure you’re aware of the conditions and never drive too fast.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Maintained

Much of your safety revolves around keeping your vehicle in the best shape possible. Regular maintenance is key, but for winter weather, you want to ensure that you have windshield wipers that work effectively. You also want to check your tire pressure as colder weather can adjust the PSI and you want to be aware of its impact.

Make Sure You Have Enough Time and Space

Bad weather can diminish your reaction time and make it difficult to stop when you’re approaching traffic. As such, you want to make sure that you’re giving the driver ahead of you enough time, so if they suddenly stop, you can do so safely. If you have a driver behind you driving too closely, try to change lanes when safe to avoid them.

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