Holiday Travel Tips

With the holidays close by, it’s important for you to make sure your preparation is fully intact. If you’re traveling, you have more to worry about than just what you’re going to pack. You also want to ensure that you have a clear plan on how to stay safe when you take to the roads.

Remember, the holidays are popular travel times, so you’re going to encounter many other drivers on the road. These tips can help to keep you safe through your travels.

Plan Your Route

If you know there’s a routine that many people take during the holidays and one highway will be more congested than another, make that part of your travel plans. You want to avoid highly trafficked areas as these are more likely to increase the chances of an accident occurring.

Give Yourself Time

Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents. If you’re in a rush, you’ll find yourself speeding and you don’t want that. The more time you give yourself, the more you can prepare for what can occur, such as traffic or another accident on the road.

Know When People are Traveling

Peak travel times can be some of the most dangerous (like when people just get out of work, at night, or on weekends). If you can, try leaving early in the morning or during midday on a weekday if you know that other vehicles will be traveling at later hours.

Keep in mind, there is bound to be a lot of vehicles on the road, so you want to make sure you’re watching for their actions. Recognize potential signs of negligence and stay clear of anyone you believe to be speeding, distracted, intoxicated, or fatigued.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we know accidents are not always preventable. If you suffer harm because of someone else’s actions, know that our Salem car accident attorneys are ready to guide you through the process to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

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