What to Do If You’re Drowsy

What makes drowsy driving one of the more dangerous actions on the road? Unfortunately, many people know when they’re tired, yet they still make the decision to operate a vehicle, despite the various dangers that arise when they do.

However, fatigue can come out of nowhere, especially if you’re driving late at night or on a long trip. When this happens, you may be tempted to push through to your destination, but if you’re nodding off, yawning frequently, constantly hitting the rumble strip, or can’t remember the past few miles, you need to ensure you take these steps:

Find a Safe Place to Rest or Take a Short Nap

Many people rely on short naps to energize and make it through difficult drives. If you find yourself getting increasingly tired while driving, find a safe place to take a nap and regroup. Don’t drive immediately after waking up, though, because you’ll probably still be a bit groggy.

Grab Some Caffeine

While this may not work for everyone, if caffeine is helpful for you, make sure you stop and get some before continuing your drive. Caffeine can help keep you alert on the road. Just make sure you recognize how caffeine can impact you when it wears off and be sure to plan accordingly.

Have a Buddy with You

This is especially helpful if you have to go on a long trip. It’s beneficial to have a passenger to not only keep you alert, but who can take over and drive when needed, giving you the opportunity to get some rest or take a nap.

Don’t Drive Late at Night

While it may be impossible at times, it’s best to not drive late at night (12 a.m. to 6 a.m.). This is when your drowsiness is most active and it’s easier to start dozing off. If you absolutely have to drive late at night, consider taking a pre-drive nap or getting enough sleep before you start driving to stay alert the entire time.

Keeping safe on the road is a top priority. Unfortunately, you can’t always predict the actions of others. Our Salem car accident attorneys are here to help if you suffer injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence. Rest assured, The Gatti Law Firm is here for you.

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