The Importance of Following a Doctor’s Orders

A crash can be devastating to experience. However, it’s often the aftermath of a car accident that complicates your situation. You need to protect your rights throughout the process, but you should know some of the most important things you can do. One of those things is following the doctor’s orders.

Your doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan serve you well after a car accident. You should ensure you’re doing everything possible to safeguard your rights. Insurance companies wait for you to make a mistake that might allow them to minimize your claim. Not following a doctor’s orders is one of those mistakes.

What Happens If You Divert from Treatment Plans?

Insurance adjusters know what your diagnosis is and what doctors prescribe as treatment. If you don’t follow those plans, insurance companies feel like you’re not doing everything possible to recover from your injuries. As such, they will work to diminish your claim’s value.

Even more, insurance companies might deny your claim if you do something that goes against your treatment. For instance, if your doctor limits your actions and tells you to take it easy, you shouldn’t be out hiking, working out, or doing other strenuous activities.

You can seek a second opinion in specific situations, but it’s crucial to recognize how your actions impact your claim. Before you do anything else, we recommend speaking with a lawyer about your options and the most effective way to pursue compensation. In any case, always follow your doctor’s orders.

If an insurance adjuster recognizes that you didn’t follow the treatment plan, they’ll work hard to deny or minimize your claim. At The Gatti Law Firm, we work to safeguard your rights.

Our Oregon car accident lawyers are here for you. We stand in your corner to help you seek the maximum compensation you deserve. Trust that we use our experience, knowledge, and skill to fight on your behalf tenaciously.

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