Is the Driver In the Back Always At Fault?

Rear-end accidents are some of the most severe you experience, whether you’re in the vehicle in front or back. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can complicate claims, and you need to know about them. Before we get started, know that every case is different. If you feel you deserve compensation in a rear-end accident, be sure to speak with a lawyer about your options.

The Scenarios

Every case is different and can impact who is accountable for the damages. Here are a few of the different scenarios that can impact liability in a rear-end accident:

  • The driver in the front slams on their brakes erratically, and the driver in the back crashes into them.
  • The driver in the back is distracted, and they don’t see the driver in front of them braking at a traffic light. The driver in the back might not stop in time.
  • The driver in the front is driving the average speed limit. The driver in the back is speeding and crashes into the front vehicle.
  • The driver in the back attempts to brake while approaching the vehicle in front of it. The brakes fail, and a collision occurs.

So many facts can change who is accountable and liable for damages in a rear-end accident. Knowing your rights is crucial because you deserve to seek compensation when you need it most. You might even need to pursue compensation from a manufacturer if your crash occurred because of product defects.

Our Oregon car accident lawyers are aware that all cases are different. Speaking with someone on our team at The Gatti Law Firm can give you confidence regarding the situation. You’ll learn your rights and determine if the other party was at fault and how to pursue the compensation you deserve. You can take action against different parties depending on your situation.

For a free consultation to discuss your rights, call our firm today at (503) 543-1114.

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