Winter Driving Stats You Should Know About

Winter driving is often dangerous, especially when people are negligent. It’s one of the times of the year when the weather conditions can cause the most accidents as roads become slippery and visibility worsens. The stats concerning winter driving show just how dangerous it can be.

During this time of year, several crashes can occur. Know that you have the right to pursue compensation if someone else’s negligence causes you harm — even in a weather-related accident.

What the Numbers Look Like

Here are some of the stats you should know:

  • In the U.S., roughly 70% of roads are in snowy areas: Several areas throughout the country are susceptible to snowfall during the winter, making the roads especially dangerous.
  • 24% of crashes involving the weather conditions occur in winter: Snow and rain cause most of the crashes in which the weather conditions play a role.
  • Winter crashes result in roughly 116,000 injuries annually: Even more, roughly 1,300 people are fatally injured in winter weather crashes.
  • Vehicles take 10 times longer to stop in the snow: Stopping in bad weather becomes more challenging, and those who follow others too closely can cause significant collisions.
  • Roughly 46% of Americans don’t prep their vehicle for winter weather: Vehicle maintenance can help prevent a winter weather crash. Unfortunately, most drivers are not prepared for the change in weather.

If you suffer an injury in winter weather, know that you have legal rights to pursue compensation. Weather does not excuse negligence, and you may still hold a driver accountable when they don’t drive safely for the conditions.

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