Most Common Car Accident Causes In Oregon Winters

The Oregon winters can be daunting. Drivers are at an increased risk of crashes because the weather conditions make it more challenging to stop and maintain control of a vehicle. It’s vital to recognize how car crashes occur in the winter and the most common causes about which you should know.

Icy Roads

After the rain and cold weather, roads can become slippery with ice. Icy roads make vehicles susceptible to many problems. A driver may lose control of their vehicle or experience hydroplaning on an icy patch that causes them to crash into others.

Visibility Problems

Along with rain and snow often comes heavy fog. When fog covers the roads, it becomes much more challenging for drivers to see in front of them. They may drive too fast for the conditions and cannot stop in time to prevent an accident from occurring. When the weather conditions cause visibility problems, be sure to give other vehicles enough space.

Tire Issues

Drivers must maintain their vehicles. Unfortunately, some people overlook their tires. When your tires are low on tread, they can slide much easier on icy or slippery roads. Drivers who don’t maintain their vehicles are liable if they cause any significant injuries in a crash.


Snowfall creates numerous problems, including low visibility and slippery roads. Even the slightest hill can become dangerous when snow is on the ground. Many drivers don’t use tire chains either, making them negligent if they cause a severe crash.

If winter weather plays a role in causing a crash, know that you still have rights. Drivers must drive safe for the conditions. Failure to do so makes them liable for collisions, and our Oregon car accident attorneys will work to help you! At The Gatti Law Firm, we prioritize your rights and pursue maximum compensation when you need it most.

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