Common Truck Accident Types

While roughly 500,000 truck accidents occur each year, very few of them are similar. Different types of crashes can occur involving commercial trucks, each causing significant damage in their wake. If you are near a large commercial truck, you must pay close attention to avoid potential dangers. Below, we will detail the different types of truck accidents that can occur and how they may cause harm.

Jackknife Accidents

We already know that commercial trucks are more difficult to stop. When a truck driver approaches traffic and slams on their brakes unexpectedly, it can cause the trailer to skid out from behind the rig and create a 90-degree angle with the cab. It forms a jackknife, and all nearby vehicles can be in the collision course.

Rollover Accidents

Unevenly loaded trailers and inexperienced drivers are often the most common causes of rollover accidents. If a driver loses control of their truck, it can cause the trailer to topple over onto its side, with nearby motorists becoming innocent victims.

Wide Turn Accidents

Large commercial trucks have a much wider turn radius than other vehicles. As such, they may swing out to make a tight turn. In the process, they can crash into vehicles in the next lane. Motorists should be sure to stay clear of truck drivers whenever possible near a turn.

Lost Load Accidents

Overloaded trailers or cargo that is not properly secured can cause numerous dangers for those who drive behind a commercial truck. Unfortunately, if a truck loses its trailer or the load within it, motorists can’t prepare properly. Stopping may be nearly impossible to do, and it can cause a severe crash.

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