What You Need After a Truck Accident

Safeguarding your rights following a truck accident is one of the most important things you can do. Of course, you should ensure you’re receiving treatment for your injuries, but you also need to gather specific information to start the claims-filing process. Proceed with caution, and if you’re unable to get the information on your own, be sure to seek help from an experienced legal professional.

Once you gather the correct information, be sure to reach out to a lawyer to start your claim. Here are the things you need to get after a truck accident:

Commercial Driver’s License

The truck driver must have a commercial driver’s license, so be sure to request that information. That can also help you gather contact information for your legal team. Of course, the more information you can get about the driver, the better.

Trucking Company Information

Because negligence can go beyond the truck driver, be sure to ask about the trucking company and their information. You can provide the name to your legal team. If the trucking company has any involvement in causing the crash, you can hold them accountable for your injuries.

Insurance Information

The insurance company is most often responsible for compensation following a trucking accident. As such, you should make sure you gather insurance information so that your legal team knows who to contact to start filing your claim.

Insurance information can also give you a better look at the responsible party’s policy. Every policy has limits you should know about, so be sure to gather this information immediately after a crash.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we put you first. Our Oregon truck accident attorneys work to hold negligence accountable, explaining your rights and options every step of the way. Trust in our team to be your voice, and we will go above and beyond for you.

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