Do I Call a Lawyer or My Insurance First?

You want to do several things after an accident, but there are two calls you want to ensure you make. The two most important calls are to your insurance company and to legal counsel who can help you through the process. If you’re wondering which one to call first, we’ll help you understand a bit more about the process.

Call Your Insurance Company First

While you want to be wary of insurance adjusters, Oregon is an at-fault state. You are pursuing compensation from the responsible driver’s insurance provider. Your insurance company can help you start the process, so it’s important to report your accident to them first.

In fact, many insurance companies require that you report the accident in a specific amount of time, or there may be repercussions. While you want to start the process quickly, the very next call to make is to legal counsel to protect your rights.

Call a Lawyer for Counsel

Speaking with a lawyer allows you to protect your rights when dealing with insurance adjusters from your provider, as well as the responsible driver’s insurance company. A lawyer provides you insight into various laws and ways to maximize the compensation you may recover after a significant car accident and severe injuries.

Don’t fret when it comes to hiring a lawyer. You should know that most personal injury lawyers work on contingency fees. This type of arrangement means you can pursue compensation without having to worry about the upfront costs. Instead, you pay lawyer fees out of the compensation you recover, if and when you successfully have your case handled.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we understand the aftermath of a crash is confusing. However, with our Oregon car accident lawyers on your side, you can feel confidence and peace of mind. We’ll be there to help you throughout the entire process, protecting you from unethical tactics at all steps of the process.

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