4 Common Car Accident Injuries

Because of a crash, you may endure some of the most catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, some catastrophic injuries are more common in crashes and can leave you dealing with the long-term aftermath that arises. These are four of the more common injuries you may sustain in a car accident that can impact your claim.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can range from a minor concussion to significant trauma. The crash impact is enough for you to experience trauma within your skull, but it can also cause your head to slam into the frame, steering wheel, or dashboard. These types of injuries can have lifelong damages.


A crash impact can jolt your body from one side to the other (or front to back). The sudden impact and rapid movement can damage your neck and the nerves in the area. Whiplash can be minor and lead to aches for a few days, but more severe damage can impact your spinal cord and more.

Broken Bones

Most drivers in a crash tense their bodies up. When they do this, they risk significant injuries, such as broken bones. Even more, the vehicle frame may collapse into all passengers. This type of injury can easily lead to significant problems and long-term pain, especially if the fractures don’t heal correctly.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are some of the damages that can cause you to experience latency issues. A back issue can impact your ability to walk and do some of the things you once enjoyed. You may require specialized medical equipment and ongoing care, meaning it’s important to pursue compensation for your damages.

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