Would an Insurance Company Deny a Fire Damage Claim?

If you are a homeowner or renter and you experience fire damage, you want to know that there’s somewhere for you to turn to receive help. Insurance companies exist for this very reason. You pay a monthly premium and when disaster strikes, you expect to receive compensation to cover your losses.

However, many individuals who file fire damage claims run into issues that prevent them from receiving money they so desperately need to get their lives back to normal. This issue begs the question: would an insurance company deny a fire damage claim, and what reasons do they have to do so?

A Claim Denial

While it’s often easy to go through filing a fire damage claim, some situations can arise when insurance adjusters make the process much more complicated than expected. They may cite a lapse in coverage, late payment, or other issues to wrongfully deny a compensation claim.

If insurance companies try to deny valid claims, it may become a legal issue. Working with a lawyer can help you hold insurance companies to their agreement, and you, as a policyholder, should be able to recover for any losses you experience because of a fire.

Why Insurance Companies Deny Claims

Insurance companies are large companies with several employees to pay. If they pay out so many claims, it begins to impact their bottom line and profits. Some insurance companies care more about the money they make than they do helping policyholders in their times of need.

Insurance adjusters may use various tactics to deny your claim, such as saying you missed a payment and are no longer receiving coverage. They may lowball your estimate to pay less, or they’ll use your policy limits only to pay out the minimum amount possible.

At The Gatti Law Firm, our Salem fire damage claim lawyers work hard to take on large insurance companies. We want to safeguard your rights to compensation and provide you with the hard-hitting representation you need to feel confident in your claim.

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