What are Common Causes of Wildfires?

Several situations can start a wildfire. When a wildfire occurs, it can cause millions of dollars’ worth in damages to residents, business owners, and more. In these situations, owners whose structures experience significant damage can file fire damage claims to pursue compensation for their losses.

It’s crucial to recognize the potential causes of wildfires as some may allow you to recover compensation in a fire damage claim. However, some insurance companies deny claims because of specific causes that may not fall within your coverage policy.

Downed Power Lines

Electrical power lines that fall or are otherwise damaged can spark. These sparks can quickly start a fire that can spread easily, reaching thousands of acres. In these situations, your insurance provider should cover your losses, and you should be able to receive compensation.


If someone else causes a fire that damages your property, you should have a valid claim. Your insurance company may rely on the fire report to determine if it was someone else’s actions that started the fire that led to your losses.

However, if someone starts the fire on purpose on their own property, insurance will not cover those losses. Self-inflicting fire damage to your property is a fraudulent act, and it is a criminal action that disqualifies you from filing a claim and can result in jail time.

Defective Products

Homes and businesses may be susceptible to defective products that can spark a fire. For instance, around Christmas, the lights on a tree can start a fire if the wiring is not safe. Similarly, electrical devices that overload your outlets can cause a problem that starts a fire.

If you need to file a fire damage claim and your insurance provider is making it difficult for you to obtain compensation, know that you have rights. At The Gatti Law Firm, we make it our top priority to safeguard your rights and pursue the compensation you need. Our Salem fire damage claim lawyers are here to be your voice.

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