Burn Injuries and Emotional Damages

Burn injuries can have a devastating physical impact on you, leaving you to endure a pain until you recover. In some situations, though, it can be more difficult to recover emotionally as more serious burns can leave scarring and trauma.

It’s important to recognize how emotional damages play a role in your ability to seek compensation after you suffer a burn injury due to negligence. These types of damages may be available under various circumstances.

What are Emotional Damages Covered by in a Lawsuit?

While most people who file a personal injury lawsuit are looking to have their economic losses compensated—medical bills, lost income, etc.—there are specific damages that can help with emotional recovery. The laws allow for non-economic damages to be a part of potential recovery.

Non-economic damages help with compensating you for pain and suffering you may endure because of your catastrophic injuries. This includes the physical pain you suffer, as well as the emotional trauma that may impact your enjoyment in life.

This compensation doesn’t have a set value whereas economic damages can look at statements and receipts to determine an outcome. You must show that the burn injury has significantly impacted your life, either causing you disabling pain or preventing you from living life as you did prior to the injury.

How Can I Pursue Non-Economic Damages?

When you suffer a burn injury because of someone else’s actions, these types of damages are part of your case. You can show how your life has been affected, including showing that your scars have had an effect on your mentality, self-esteem, and more.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we know that emotional damages can be more daunting to endure than physical pain. You deserve to recover from this in the most favorable position possible, and our Salem burn injury lawyers are here to guide you every step of the way.

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