Burn Injury Symptoms By Degree

If you suffer a burn injury, it’s vital to recognize the various symptoms you may experience. Like any situation, the symptoms you endure is dependent on how severe the burn injury is. The more severe, the more likely you are to experience long-term problems.

In terms of burn injuries, the severity is categorized by either first, second, or third degree. Below, we’ll explain what symptoms are associated with each.

First Degree

A first-degree burn is something that many people endure. Even some sunburns are considered first-degree burns. A first-degree burn has symptoms that typically are minimal including redness and some pain. Only the epidermis, or the outer layer of your skin, is affected.

Second Degree

Whenever you experience swelling and skin that appears red or white, you may suffer a second-degree burn. In these situations, the burn impacts your epidermis and your dermis, and it’s often longer for you to recover.

Blisters may develop with a second-degree burn injury. The pain is usually more severe and even the slightest touch can incite suffering. These types of burns can also cause physical scarring.

Third Degree

With a third-degree burn, you may suffer from long-term issues as the burn goes beneath both levels of the skin and reaches your fat, muscles, and nerves. Because of the damage to your nerves, you may experience numbness in the area of your burn.

Your skin may have a leathery appearance and the area can suffer from long-term scarring.

There are some situations that can be more severe called fourth-degree burns.

If you suffer a burn injury, it’s easy to dismiss it as an accident. However, some acts of negligence can lead to you suffering some of the most catastrophic injuries possible. At The Gatti Law Firm, we’re committed to helping you navigate complex legal matters and understand your rights. Our Salem burn injury attorneys are here for you.

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