Understanding the Insurance Company’s Tactics

After a crash, it’s vital to report the car accident to your insurance company. Your insurance company will work with the other person’s insurance company when they are negligent. While you may trust the insurance companies to do the right thing and provide you with compensation, these large corporations have other plans.

When you need to file a claim, you need to recognize some of the tactics that the insurance company may try to use to deny a claim.

Pre-Existing Injuries

Insurance companies are often looking into whenever a claimant has a pre-existing injury. They want to use this to deny a claim, stating that your injuries did not occur during the crash. It’s vital to have medical records showing past injuries, as well as the damages you sustain after a crash. Make sure you see a doctor within the first few days following a crash.

Policy Limits

Many insurance companies try to claim that your policy doesn’t cover the extent of your damages, nor does that of the at-fault party. They try to pay out as little as possible to protect their profits. When you file a claim, make sure you know your policy and what type of coverage you have. It can be helpful to your pursuit for compensation.

Recorded Statements

The insurance company will try to use any recorded statements compared with the initial report to show a discrepancy in your claims. They’ll try to utilize this to make you the at-fault party, even if your evidence shows you were the one hit in the accident.

Despite many insurance companies claiming they care about claimants; their focus is their profit. They’ll do as much as they can to minimize the amount of money they’re paying out for damages.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we work hard to fight back against insurance companies who are looking to deny legitimate car crash claims. Our Salem car accident attorneys are ready to help you get through the complex matters with a focus on your needs and best interests.

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