What If I Feel I’m at Partial Fault for the Crash?

Many crashes occur each day, and it’s easy to feel confusion regarding who is at fault. In many situations, you may feel as though you did something that helped to result in the car accident. Feeling as though you may be partially at fault, it’s easy to sabotage your own case.

If you’re unsure of fault after an accident, you should avoid saying anything that the insurance company may try to use against you. Assuming any amount of fault can damage your ability to pursue full and maximum compensation.

Don’t Accept Fault

Avoid accepting any kind of fault before speaking with a lawyer who can help you determine if you are truly at fault. There may be multiple situations involved that impact liability. For instance, you may think that a crash in which you are the vehicle in the back is automatically your fault. The other driver may hold liability if they were texting and had to brake suddenly.

Because you can’t predict the actions of other drivers, you can’t assume that your actions were the sole cause of the accident. Getting evidence after the accident and your statements can be crucial to your success.

Partial Fault Can Still Result in Compensation

Even if you feel you’re partially at fault, it’s imperative to be careful because you can still pursue compensation. Partial fault that doesn’t exceed 49% gives you the option to still take legal action. Reporting the accident as soon as possible helps you determine if the other party is more at fault, in which case you can get compensation.

Our Salem car accident attorneys at The Gatti Law Firm aim to help you understand your rights. Partial fault doesn’t take away your ability to pursue compensation. You can speak with our team and we’ll investigate your accident to determine what options you have moving forward.

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