Do I Give the Insurance Company a Recorded Statement?

The insurance company is supposed to be there to protect you when you go from policyholder to claimant. Even if it’s the negligent party’s insurance company, they have a duty to provide compensation after a car accident.

Unfortunately, there are many tactics the insurance company may use to limit how much they must pay you. One tactic they’ll try to use is requesting you to provide a recorded statement. They want you to provide your account of the accident, but they’ll record the conversation for their profit and bottom line.

How Does the Insurance Company Use the Recorded Statement?

The insurance company will tell you that the statement is solely for their records of the incident. They will ask questions about the accident, present statements you made previously, and ask you to confirm specific information.

The truth is, the insurance company will try and use this statement to determine flaws in your story. They’ll look for any changes from your initial statement, any contradictory statements, and any information they can use against you.

Can I Have a Lawyer with Me?

Not only can you have a lawyer with you, but it is also highly recommended to have legal representation when speaking with the insurance company. Remember, the insurance company is not looking out for your best interests with their request.

When you have a lawyer, you can protect yourself from some of the common mistakes people make when speaking with the insurance company. A lawyer can help answer questions in a way that protects your rights to continue with the claim.

Our team at The Gatti Law Firm is aware of the unfair actions insurance companies often take. Let our Salem car accident lawyers be by your side throughout the process. When the claims-filing process gets challenging, we’ll put our decades of experience into your corner to give you peace of mind.

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