Cold Weather Crashes: Is Negligence Still a Factor?

Cold weather season brings with it rain, snow, and fog. All these factors can make driving a much more challenging task. Unfortunately, many accidents occur in heavy downpours and any other conditions where the ground is slippery, and it’s hard to see in front of you.

Because inclement weather can play a role in causing significant collisions, you may wonder, “does negligence still play a role?” The answer to this question lies in individual situations where drivers are not considering the weather conditions when they drive.

Going too Fast for Weather Conditions

Negligence still exists in inclement weather when drivers go too fast for the conditions. Yes, there are speed limits that dictate how fast a driver can go. However, there is also an understanding that drivers must take into consideration road conditions.

Even going the speed limit can be too much if the floors are slippery. The water or ice on the road makes it more difficult to stop. When a driver is going too fast in rain or snow, he or she can collide into your vehicle when traffic suddenly arises.

Following too Close to Others

In inclement weather, you must also consider how much time the vehicle in front of you needs to stop. Not everyone thinks about the weather adding to a vehicle’s stopping time, and it’s easy for a crash to occur when one person is following too closely.

Failing to Maintain a Vehicle

Maintenance is crucial for all vehicles. When cold weather hits, some aspects of the car become even more crucial to maintain, including tires, brakes, and windshield wipers. Your tires ensure traction to the ground. Your brakes let you stop in time. Your windshield wipers increase your visibility.

Unfortunately, not every driver maintains their vehicles regularly — and even fewer get a winter tune-up. When a driver fails to maintain his or her vehicle and crashes into you, they hold liability for your damages.

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