How are Nursing Homes Investigated Following a Report of Abuse?

You visit your loved one and you recognize potential signs of abuse. What do you do? It’s easy to get upset and frustrated at this time, but you should understand the importance of going through the steps to formally report the facility for the abuse and have it investigated properly before taking action.

Not everyone understands how they can report the abuse, what information they need, and how the investigation ensues. For this reason, we have put together a guide to help you understand the information you should provide to the screener, as well as what to expect when the investigation takes place.

If you have any questions throughout this process, reach out to our attorneys who can guide you through the process!

Information to Have for the Initial Nursing Home Abuse Report

Before you call to report the abuse, you want to be sure you have specific information to provide the person screening the initial report. This information should include:

  • Information about your elderly loved one should be provided, including his or her age, the facility where they are located, and their current health condition
  • Information regarding the type of abuse or neglect that has been exhibited—physical, verbal, mental, or otherwise
  • Information regarding any witnesses or other individuals who may know about the abuse and that the investigator can speak with
  • If you feel as though your elderly loved one is at serious and immediate risk of danger
  • Your contact details so the investigator needs any additional information from you

What Happens After You Report the Abuse?

Each year, the state of Oregon and agencies that look after nursing home residents receive thousands of complaints. Once the complaint is made, there are certain steps that are taken by the investigators to determine if abuse is present. They include:

  • The investigator will reach out to the facility from which the abuse has been reported.
  • The investigator will discuss the situation with workers, take notes on interviews, review conduct, and look at records of care or a history of neglect.
  • Once the initial review is completed, a report will be made indicating whether there is a presence of wrongdoing, or if the results are inconclusive.
  • If there is abuse in a nursing home, the agency responsible for the investigation will work to remove the victim and others from additional harm.

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