Can I Find a List of Complaints Against a Nursing Home Facility?

What are some of the most important things you do when looking into a potential nursing home facility for your elderly loved one? You may have plenty of questions for the administrator. You want to check out the facility for yourself and see how residents live.

While there are a number of things you can do in an effort to do your due diligence, one thing you may want to consider is looking for a history of complaints that have been filed against facilities. Not everyone knows their rights to do so, though, but they should.

How Do I Look Up Complaints?

One of the best possible resources for complaints against a nursing home facility is the Oregon Department of Human Services Aging and People with Disabilities. Their site allows you to look up facilities throughout the state.

You can also find the type of facility they are, how many licensed beds they have, and their pending status. By checking out the individual facilities, you can receive contact information for the various agencies that look over said facilities to determine what violations may exist.

Should I Look Up Complaints?

Not only can you check into complaints, inspections, and violations, you should. This is imperative to understand the facilities that may have a history of abuse to keep your elderly loved one safe from potential harm and avoid having your loved one live in that facility.

You can also see how long ago the complaints were from and investigate what changes may have been made to better the care residents receive. Was it an isolated incident and the management has changed? These are some of the things you will want to look into for your loved one.

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