Why Are a Motorcyclist’s Legs Susceptible to Severe Damage?

When motorcyclists are on the road, they are at risk because they lack some of the elements that keep drivers in passenger vehicles safe. One of the most vulnerable parts of a motorcyclist’s body is their legs. The legs are exposed to many of the dangers that motorcyclists encounter, and we’ll explain how injuries can arise.

Side Swipe Accidents

One of the most common accidents that motorcyclists encounter is a side swipe. This happens when the vehicle merges into the motorcyclist’s lane. The driver in the passenger vehicle can crush the rider’s leg on the motorcycle.

Not only can the vehicle directly collide with the motorcyclist’s leg, but it can also send the motorcyclist to the ground, which can damage the rider’s leg.

Slide Outs

A motorcyclist may slide out from their motorcycle in a crash or if they try to avoid a collision because of someone else’s negligence. When they slide, they can experience a significant friction burn, also known as road rash. Broken bones can also arise, but road rash is far more common despite what the driver may be wearing.

Protecting Your Legs

The best way to protect your legs is by investing in protection. Clothing is not enough to stop all damage, so protection can help. Evasive maneuvering can help if you suspect a driver may crash into you, so be sure to pay close attention to everyone on the road.

You may suffer broken bones or burns to your legs in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, you may not be able to predict what others do on the road. When negligence arises, you may suffer severe damages in a crash. You deserve to seek compensation if someone else’s actions cause you long-term damage.

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