Should I Talk to My Doctor About My Accident?

Seeking medical care should be one of your highest priorities following a severe collision. However, when you seek medical help, it’s vital to ensure your conversations with the doctor remain on your injury status. Speaking to your doctor about your crash or asking them questions pertaining to your case can quickly become a recipe for disaster.

Your doctor is there to diagnose your injury and provide you with treatment. Specific details about the accident that caused your injuries should be kept between you and your lawyer. Here are some things to know when dealing with this situation:

Your Lawyer Will Request Specific Information

Because doctors and medical records can serve as significant evidence in your case, the information they provide can be tempting. However, you should leave requests to your lawyer if there’s specific information about your injury and how it pertains to your case. Your lawyer should be the one to request documents or testimony from your doctor.

By going through your lawyer, you can prevent problems from occurring. Your lawyer knows what should and shouldn’t be said and how to safeguard your case when dealing with medical professionals.

Only Discuss the Details of Your Injury

Don’t tell your medical provider about your insurance dealings. Instead, speak only about your injury and the most effective way to treat your ailments. Then, be sure to follow those treatment instructions to keep insurance companies from using them against you.

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