Do Insurance Companies Lower the Value of Claims?

When a claim comes in, insurance companies can respond in various ways. However, in some situations, insurance adjusters look for any opportunity to limit how much they pay claimants. Lowering compensation is often one of the things that insurance companies do to try and protect profits.

Here are some of the tactics that insurance companies use to lower the value of your car accident claim:

Using In-Network Professionals

Insurance companies work with experts in various industries to investigate claims and determine compensation. However, they use in-network professionals, meaning their evaluations might be much different than yours. Your legal team can combat those evaluations and explain how much you deserve to recover.

Delaying Your Claim

Insurance companies might offer you a settlement near the beginning of the process. This settlement offer is usually less than you deserve because they want to safeguard their profits. From there, they might delay their investigation because they know you need money. They hope that the longer they take, the more likely you are to accept the settlement.

Denying Liability

Oregon has a form of comparative negligence, so the insurance company might try to limit its liability as much as possible. They will try to claim you were the person at-fault for the accident. If they can’t prove your fault, they may try to place a portion of the blame on you to limit how much you might recover.

Don’t fall for some of the common pitfalls that can negatively impact your claim for compensation. Working with a lawyer can help you pursue the right amount for your losses.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we aim to protect your rights. Our team of Oregon car accident attorneys puts you first. When insurance adjusters try to take advantage of your situation, you need to have someone who can help you throughout the process and protect you from the many tactics that insurance companies use. Let us be your voice.

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