What Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You About Your Accident Claim

Insurance companies receive hundreds of thousands of car accident claims each year. Claims can cost the insurance company thousands of dollars as they pay to cover significant costs associated with the crash, including injuries and property damage. Claims are a threat to the insurance company’s bottom line, so they work to minimize how much they need to compensate claimants.

In the weeks following a crash, you might experience insurance adjusters attempting to use various tactics to take advantage of your rights. It helps to know the things that insurance adjusters won’t tell you as you go through the process so that you can protect your rights and pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Some of the things that insurance companies won’t tell you include:

  • You have the right to hire a lawyer – and should
  • You don’t have to provide them with a recorded statement alone
  • You don’t have to rely on their evaluation of your losses
  • You must be careful with your social media
  • You might get questions even though they know the answers
  • You can receive compensation for non-economic losses

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You Have the Right to Hire a Lawyer – and Should

Insurance companies don’t want you to have a lawyer when navigating a claim. They know that when you navigate the claims-filing process alone, they can take advantage of your rights to save money. However, if you hire a lawyer, you can essentially combat the rest of their tactics to pursue maximum compensation for your damages.

Here’s how a lawyer helps you throughout the process:

  • An attorney can help you gather and utilize evidence to show the insurance company who was at fault.
  • An attorney helps you avoid some of the common pitfalls that can negatively impact your claim.
  • An attorney evaluates your losses to the fullest, maximizing how much you may recover.

When you hire an attorney, insurance companies know that you mean business. They know that you are committed to holding negligence accountable and seeking the compensation and justice you deserve after an accident. Ensure you take the steps to protect your rights by hiring a lawyer.

You Don’t Have to Provide Them with a Recorded Statement Alone

Countless individuals report their crashes to insurance adjusters without a second thought. They go through the process and speak with insurance adjusters about the crash. Insurance companies train their workers to get recorded statements while asking specific questions about the collision. The reason for this? They want you to say something that would impact your claim.

If insurance adjusters are requesting a recorded statement, you have the right to direct them to your legal team. Your lawyer can provide the statement on your behalf so that you never have to worry about what comes next.

You Don’t Have to Rely On Their Evaluation of Your Losses

Insurance companies often use their in-network experts to determine what they deem to be fair value. However, it doesn’t mean that your legal team has to use the same evaluation. One of the ways that insurance companies try to minimize payment is by claiming that your losses don’t match up to your financial requests.

Your legal team has access to professionals who can show the true value of your losses, as well as the severity of your damages. The more evidence you have, the more help a legal team can provide.

You Must Be Careful with Your Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest game-changers in car accident cases because it can significantly damage your case without you even knowing. You might think that your social media is private, but that’s not always the case as insurance companies have experts who investigate your claim. Here are some of the problems you might encounter with social media after an accident:

  • When you post an image that contradicts your injury and statements you made.
  • When you post a status about your accident that is different from your initial report or claim.
  • When you talk about your medical treatment and how you might not be following doctor’s orders.

It’s best to avoid social media whenever possible after a crash. If you can’t avoid it entirely, don’t post anything that may be detrimental to your claim. Insurance adjusters can use your posts against you to deny your compensation claim.

You Might Get Questions Even Though They Know the Answers

While we recommend that you avoid speaking with insurance adjusters, it sometimes happens. Some insurance companies might try to call you and ask you numerous questions about the accident. Before you start answering everything that they ask, be aware that they most likely already know the answers that they seek.

They may ask these questions because they want you to say something that they can use against you when navigating the claim. If you answer a question with information different than your initial discussion with the insurance adjuster, it can damage your claim. Insurance adjusters pay close attention to their profits, and asking questions is one way they protect them.

Direct all questions to your legal team when insurance adjusters come asking. An attorney can answer the questions directly based on your statements while keeping adjusters at bay.

You Can Receive Compensation for Non-Economic Losses

When you put together your claim, it helps to know what type of compensation you may recover. Insurance adjusters will try to pay out only for your medical bills and property damages. However, you might be able to seek compensation for non-economic losses, but insurance companies are hoping you don’t know about that.

Non-economic losses include your pain and suffering. While you may not experience monetary losses because of it, you can still recover compensation. It’s best to have a lawyer help you so that you can maximize how much you might recover in your claim.

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We don’t back down because we know how much you need someone to stand in your corner and give you a voice. We will be there for you every step of the way. Let our team guide you against insurance adjusters.

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