How to Stay Safe Around a Drunk Driver

If you encounter a drunk driver, you should know how to stay as safe as possible. Unfortunately, several issues can arise around a drunk driver, and they can cause severe collisions. As such, it helps you to recognize the various ways you can avoid drunk drivers.

Here are some of the things you can do around a drunk driver to stay as safe as possible.

Don’t Try to Pass the Drunk Driver

If you see someone exhibiting signs of being a drunk driver, you should be sure to stay clear of them. Many drivers may be tempted to pass someone they believe to be drunk, but doing so puts you at significant risk of a crash.

If you try to pass a drunk driver, they may swerve into your lane and sideswipe you. If you get in front of a drunk driver, they may speed up and crash into your rear-end, resulting in significant injury.

Report the Drunk Driver

The moment you recognize a drunk driver, you should be sure to use a hands-free device and report them to the local authorities. There are a few benefits to reporting the drunk driver:

  • You stay safe and have an officer perform a routine traffic stop.
  • You get the drunk driver temporarily off the road.
  • You prevent others from experiencing a crash with the drunk driver.

A drunk driving accident can be daunting to experience. Working with a lawyer can help you safeguard your rights throughout the process.

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