How Defective Products Lead to Truck Accidents

You never expect a large commercial vehicle to crash into you, but hundreds of thousands of people experience this catastrophic event each year. It’s easy to point the finger at a truck driver when a crash occurs, but it’s not always the driver who causes crashes.

Some truck accidents can occur because of defective products. If you suffer injuries, you should recognize how a product defect can cause a crash.

The Three Types of Product Defects

To show that a manufacturer is accountable for your damages, you should recognize the three types of product defects and how they impact truck accidents.

The three types are:

  • Manufacturing defect
  • Design defect
  • Failure to warn

A manufacturing defect means that there was a problem when creating the product. For instance, the product is supposed to be a specific length or width, but it was made too thin or thick and no longer works as intended.

A design defect occurs at the beginning of the process. When someone designs an unsafe product, the manufacturer or person responsible for the design is negligent for any harm that a victim sustains.

A failure to warn means the manufacturer knowingly created a part that may be negligent, but they didn’t warn about the potential issues that can arise because of its use.

Unfortunately, product defects occur far more often than you would think. When they occur with large commercial trucks, severe harm can arise.

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