When Should I Settle My Car Accident Case?

After a car accident, you may recover compensation in multiple ways. Of course, you may go through a trial, which is often a long-winded and strenuous process. You may also receive a settlement offer from insurance adjusters that they believe cover the cost of your damages.

However, before you settle anything, you should know that insurance adjusters are most often looking to protect their profits with their settlement offers. If you’re wondering if you should accept a settlement, make sure you read the below first.

Only Settle Your Case After Hiring a Lawyer

Insurance companies are not always looking out for you. They’re more focused on their profits, and their settlement offers reflect that. They know that if a case goes to trial, not only can you recover more, they have to pay a lot more in court fees.

The low settlement offer may only cover a portion of your losses, but insurance adjusters know that you’re in a vulnerable position and need money. Working with a lawyer allows you to negotiate your settlement properly and seek the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Very Few Cases Go to Trial

In many situations, the settlement is a good option, but only if you and your legal team have negotiated it to meet your total expenses and losses. However, it’s only feasible if insurance adjusters and companies work with you to provide the amount of compensation needed.

Our team can help you negotiate a fair settlement offer because we understand just how much you need it. If we need to go to trial, rest assured that we are prepared to fight for you and pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

In any case, our Salem car accident lawyers at The Gatti Law Firm put you first. We go above and beyond to help you through the process and protect your rights from insurance adjusters. Don’t settle until you have had a chance to speak with our team about your options.

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