How Can I Maximize My Car Accident Claim?

If you suffer severe injuries in a car accident, it’s important to pursue the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. Unfortunately, countless car accident victims settle for much less than they deserve, meaning insurance companies get away with their unethical tactics.

To maximize the value of your claim, you should keep a few very important things in mind. Below, we’ll explain three of the main steps you can take that help you obtain maximum compensation with the help of our skilled legal team.

Gathering Evidence

What you do immediately following an accident can help you file a claim. First, you should ensure you’re getting information from other drivers involved. Get driver’s license numbers, contact information, insurance names and policy numbers, and license plate numbers.

Aside from documentation, you also want to take photos to show how severe the damage to your vehicle was and any visible injuries. The more evidence you have—such as photos, statements, etc.—the more it can show the extent of your damages and increase your compensation.

Keep Record of Your Expenses

Economic compensation is dependent on your damages. The more you spend out of your own pocket in costs relating to your injuries, the more you may be able to recover. Keep track of your medical bills, pharmaceutical costs, mechanic expenses, and more.

Avoid Social Media

The things you post on social media can damage your claim. Certain photos and status updates can cause many problems when filing a claim, so it’s best if you avoid it. If you can’t, make sure you’re not posting damaging photos or anything insurance adjusters may use to deny or minimize how much you may recover.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we’ll put your needs first. We work hard to maximize the compensation you may recover. Trust that our Salem car accident attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to give you a voice against negligence.

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