How Long Can My Fire Damage Claim Take?

In a moment, disaster can strike and cause significant damage to your property. Damage to your home and personal property requires you to act quickly to pursue compensation after a fire. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always willing to work with you to approve the compensation you need.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we focus on helping you get through challenging processes as quickly as possible. A fire damage claim helps during a very difficult time. If insurance companies put profit over someone else’s well-being, they should be held fully accountable.

What Delays Your Fire Damage Claim?

While you need compensation fast, insurance companies are known to delay claims for numerous reasons. They take too long to perform the investigation, provide lowball estimates, and offer you settlements for much less than you deserve.

The low settlement offer is often a tactic that insurance adjusters use to get you to accept whatever they offer. The longer the claim takes, the more you need compensation to repair or replace your losses after a fire. Insurance companies know that this is a vulnerable time for you, and offering less than needed is their way of prolonging the process.

If insurance adjusters delay your claim, it may be because of an act of bad faith practice. In these cases, you want to protect your rights with legal representation. Insurance companies have trained legal professionals, and insurance adjusters are negotiators with one focus: protect profits. Hiring legal counsel helps you combat their actions to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, your claim can last months if the insurance company incorrectly handles it. In some situations, it can be even longer. This timeline is very difficult to endure on your own, especially when you need compensation right away.

At The Gatti Law Firm, our Salem fire damage claim lawyers are here for you. We work with you to build a strong claim and hold the insurance company to their policies. At a time when you need us most, our goal is to give you a voice.

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