How Insurance Companies Look at Pre-Existing Conditions

If you ever experience a car accident, it’s vital to know the various ways to work with the insurance company with which you must deal. While you want to believe that their sole purpose is to protect you during this time, they’re not always willing to pay out compensation.

As with any business, insurance companies have a strong priority on profits. The more they have to pay out in claims, the less money they make. As such, they’re quick to find ways to minimize compensation or deny claims if it means they can protect their bottom line. One method they may try to use against you is any pre-existing conditions you may have. Here’s how.

Questioning the Validity of Your Claim

If you claim that you suffered injuries in a crash resulting of someone else’s negligence, the insurance company may dig into your medical history. Your medical records will show what injuries or conditions you have endured in the past and compare them with your current claim.

A pre-existing injury doesn’t disqualify you from pursuing compensation as the current damages you endure may be from the negligence of the other driver in your claim. However, it may become more difficult, prompting you to get a lawyer who can help utilize medical records to show that these injuries are current and stem from the crash.

The Importance of Medical Records

We highly recommend individuals involved in car accidents to seek medical help whenever they can. You can benefit greatly when you have medical records from a qualified professional showing that your injuries are current, severe, and were caused by a specific action.

The more information you have regarding your injuries, the less likely it is for an insurance company to use pre-existing conditions against you. In any case, working with an attorney can help combat the tactics the insurance company may try to use to deny or diminish your claim.

When you suffer because of negligence, know that our Salem car accident lawyers at The Gatti Law Firm are here to protect your rights. We’ll help you pursue the compensation you need to move forward. Trust in us to advocate on your behalf, using all evidence available to build a strong case to seek the most favorable outcome possible.

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