Most Common Injuries After a Crash

With more than six million car accidents occurring in the United States each year, it’s easy to see that countless individuals also suffer some of the most severe injuries possible. In these situations, you may experience lifelong damages that stem from your physical and mental injuries, and it’s important to pursue compensation.

Below, we detail some of the most common injuries that occur in car crashes, including:

  • Head injuries
  • Spine injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Emotional trauma

Head Injuries

The impact of a collision, no matter how minor or severe, can jolt your head. You may suffer internal trauma from your brain moving around in your skull causing a concussion or external trauma should your head contact the frame, dashboard, steering wheel, etc. In any case, a severe head injury must be treated quickly to help avoid some long-term issues.

Spine Injuries

Damage to your back, neck, or spine can be catastrophic. Even injuries such as whiplash can cause pain and headaches. However, the most severe injuries can result in complete paralysis causing you to lose function over various limbs (or all four when you suffer quadriplegia).

Broken Bones

Because a crash can cause the frame of your vehicle to collapse or simply cause enough force, broken bones are extremely common in a crash. For instance, if you’re holding your steering wheel and the jolt of the crash sends you forward, you can suffer broken wrists, hands, fingers, or arms. Broken bones are very painful and medical treatment is required.

Emotional Trauma

Of course, not all injuries are physical. In many situations, you may experience mental trauma that ends up being far worse than the physical damages. Post-traumatic stress, anxiety, phobias, and more can all arise following a crash. You may even experience depression, and this can impact your claim.

Our Salem car accident lawyers at The Gatti Law Firm are here to help you. We know how impactful injuries can be on you, and it’s even more difficult to endure when someone else’s negligence causes those damages. We’ll help you pursue compensation when you need it most.

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