What are the Different Types of Spine Injuries?

Spine injuries are some of the worst that you can experience and considered catastrophic injuries under personal injury law. These injuries, depending on where the damage occurs, can impact all or some functionality in your limbs. The more severe the injury and the higher on the spine the injury occurs, the more likely it is to affect all four limbs and result in complete paralysis. We’ll explain the different types of spine injuries below.


The cervical portion of the spine is the highest, where the C1 to C7 vertebrae rest. As this is the area closest to your brain, any injury involving the cervical spine can lead to quadriplegia, which is paralysis to all four limbs under your shoulder and neck area.


Just below the cervical spine is the longest portion, the thoracic spine. The T-1 through T-12 vertebrae are responsible for upper chest and mid back control. An injury to the thoracic area can lead to paraplegia, which most often allows you to retain functionality in your arms and hands.


The lumbar area may not always lead to paraplegia, but it can result in significantly decreased strength in your lower body, making it still necessary to have a wheelchair or leg braces. Bladder and bowel control may also be impacted.


The sacral spine is just above the tailbone. Injury to this area can result in some loss of hip or leg function, as well as bowel and bladder control problems. You may still be able to walk, but pain may still persist.

Unfortunately for many, spine injuries are often the result of someone else’s negligent actions. Even minor spine injuries can cost a significant amount of money over the course of your lifetime, making it essential to pursue compensation for your damages.

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