Car Accidents: What are the 100 Deadliest Days?

We know that there are numerous holidays in which the potential for a car crash can increase drastically. Unfortunately, the time in between two holidays has shown to be the most dangerous times on the road across the country.

The “100 deadliest days of summer” make for potential dangers. For you as a driver, it’s essential to recognize when the 100 deadliest days are and what makes this time so problematic. Make sure you pay close attention to the road to ensure you stay safe.

When are the 100 Deadliest Days?

The 100 deadliest days begin immediately following Memorial Day and end on Labor Day weekend. This season is when most younger individuals are out of school and many people get time off work. As a result, there are countless people on the road.

The summer also brings out many travelers who are new to an area and have never navigated the streets. When a driver is unfamiliar with certain roads and state laws, it can create problems and lead to a crash.

Why are They so Dangerous?

The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day see an increase in teen drivers—which potentially means inexperience. The total number of accidents involving teen drivers increases during this season, and it’s easy to understand when you consider the distractions these drivers experience.

According toSave Lives, an average of 260 teens suffer fatal car crashes in the summer months. This number is a 26% increase to other months. Also, 60% of teen crashes today involve distracted driving. With more teens on the road, the dangers are present for all drivers, including you.

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