What are Nursing Home Requirements?

All nursing homes must understand what requirements there are to help ensure proper care for the residents in the facility. These requirements can in fact be covered by law and are meant to ensure that the elderly do not suffer any kind of neglect or harm.

For anyone choosing a nursing home or who already has a family member in a nursing home, it’s important to note whether these requirements are being met. Below are some of the things that must be done in a nursing home in order for it to be considered a successful nursing home that generally meets standards.

The Nursing Home Requirements

  • Staff requirements: The nursing home must have a sufficient amount of staff members for the number of residents in the facility. The staff must also be properly trained and capable of providing the highest level of care.
  • Care requirements: The facility must recognize the individual needs of all residents and develop a care plan to ensure proper hygiene, nutrition, activities, medication, and more. Residents must also be supervised, especially those who need help getting out of bed and walking, or are potentially a fall risk.
  • Inspection requirements: Nursing homes must submit to inspections whether they be planned or unannounced. These inspections are meant to ensure the nursing home is providing the necessary care to residents and there are no signs of neglect.
  • Quality requirements: Nursing homes must ensure that they are promoting the residents’ quality of life, their dignity, and respect. They must ensure quality care by keeping a record of medical needs updated and accurate.

If a nursing home does not meet these requirements and causes harm to a resident, the family of the injured may be able to take legal action against the facility. This can be done with the help of skilled and experienced legal professionals.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we have a history of representing individuals in complex actions including nursing home abuse. We know that it can be difficult to experience any act of neglect, but we take action on our clients’ behalves to pursue justice.

If your loved one suffered harm because of a negligent nursing home, know that you have the right to pursue compensation. Our Oregon nursing home abuse lawyers will work with you and go the extra mile to protect your rights at all times.

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