What Happens If a Family Member Is the One Guilty of Elder Abuse?

There are numerous individuals who can be guilty of elder abuse, but there is also one potential party that not many people expect: a family member.

Unfortunately, elders can suffer from abuse in various situations, including a nursing home, a hospital, or care provider. They never expect a family member to be the party who causes harm, but it happens far more often than we’d like to think. When a family member is responsible for elder abuse, it’s important to take action to help secure justice, create potential criminal charges, and pursue compensation.

What the Family Member Faces

While many family members try to show empathy in this kind of situation, it’s important to report the guilty family member to the proper authorities. Doing so can help bring criminal charges and your elderly loved one can obtain justice for the pain they have suffered.

It can also show that there are consequences for the negligent actions that caused significant harm. Family members who commit elder abuse can face the criminal action including charges for the assault, as well as civil action from the elderly victim and family to pursue compensation to cover the costs of medical expenses, financial losses, and more.

What Kind of Damages Can Exist?

Family members may not be guilty of physical abuse, but there are a lot of times when the elderly suffer financial or mental abuse at the hands of someone they expected to trust. The most common type is financial abuse because the elderly individual trusts their loved one with their finances.

The elderly may be coerced to provide access to bank accounts, checks, credit cards, and other financial accounts so the family member can use funds for their own benefits. This is an illegal action and the elderly can pursue the amount they lost through legal matters.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we’re not afraid to take action against anyone who is responsible for any kind of nursing home abuse. This includes family members who take advantage of the trust that they have and take advantage of their vulnerable, elderly loved one.

Our Oregon nursing home abuse attorneys are ready to help you from start to finish to guide you through the entire process. Trust that we’ll be the voice you and your elderly loved one need to pursue justice.

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