Slip and Falls In Nursing Homes

Did you know that roughly 33% of adults over the age of 65 fall each year? Unfortunately, many of these occur under what is supposed to be the watchful eye of a nursing home. And when they do, those who fall often suffer severe injuries.

It’s a difficult situation to endure as many of us trust that the staff at the nursing home will be there to help aid and care for our elderly loved ones. When they don’t, it is a breach of that trust and of their duty to provide care—and that is typically considered negligence.

Failure to Identify Fall Risks

Nursing homes should take the time during their care of their residents to identify if any of them are a fall risk. This means they should not be allowed to get up from bed or move about their room / the facility without assistance from a staff member.

If they fail to do so and a resident who is a fall risk attempts to do something on their own, the elderly person can slip and fall, resulting in serious injuries. It would be the fault of the nursing home staff for their lack of attention to the resident and failure to assist in moving around.

Lack of Proper Safety Equipment

Nursing homes should also be properly equipped with equipment that can prevent the elderly from suffering serious harm from a fall. For instance, if the patient is a fall risk, they should have access to handrails and potentially a chair or seating area in their shower.

Similarly, the resident may need rails on their bed to prevent them from trying to get up on their own and the equipment to call on a staff member when they need help moving about. These precautions can help prevent injuries.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we take nursing home abuse cases seriously because we know that these facilities have a responsibility and have been trusted by families to care for their loved ones. When they fail in these responsibilities and a resident sustains serious harm because of negligence, the facility and/or staff should be held accountable.

Our Oregon nursing home abuse attorneys are here to help you throughout the entire process and guide you in matters to seek compensation. Don’t let a nursing home get away with its negligence. Get with our team to discover what rights you and your family may have.

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