Who Is Responsible In Nursing Home Abuse Cases?

If you feel your loved one is suffering from abuse in a nursing home, it’s imperative that you understand the various parties who may be responsible. There are multiple individuals and entities that may be subject to a lawsuit should nursing home abuse occur.

This can include the following individuals or organizations:

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To understand how each of these individuals can be held responsible, continue reading:

Staff Members

Did you know that roughly 88% of nursing home abuse is attributed to understaffing? There are more residents than individuals to care for them and this often results in a lack of care. Whether it is a staff member acting out against a resident or a failure to provide proper care, staff members can be held accountable when their actions—or inactions—cause harm.

The Nursing Home Owner

A nursing home owner or manager has a duty to perform background checks on all employees and properly train them to care for the residents. Failure to do so can be seen as negligence and any action that follows causing harm to a resident could be liable for a potential lawsuit by the family of the injured.

A Visiting Doctor

For residents who require visits from their doctor, there is an added dimension to the potential of nursing home abuse. The party responsible is not directly related to the nursing home, but their actions can still cause harm. The nursing home may also be responsible if they are aware of the abuse, but continue to allow the doctor on the premises.

A Family Member

It’s a sad thing to realize, but many instances of nursing home abuse occur at the hands of another family member. This is especially true in financial elder abuse as they are supposed to be trusted by the elderly. If you suspect a family member is responsible for your loved one’s abuse, you can take legal action against them.

Another Resident

Nursing home staff should take precautions with all members of the facility in their care. If one becomes abusive—physically or verbally—action should be taken to remove others from harm. However, if residents are guilty of abusing another resident, there may be legal action available.

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