Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Salem-Keizer School District

When School Districts Enable Abusers: Defining Negligence

In 2015, our client and her parents decided to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the school district, as mounting evidence showed that school officials could have prevented further abuses. From the athletic director who ignored parent complaints about Berger to the athletic department allowing Berger establish a private, locked location for his abuse, the Salem-Keizer school district negligently failed to take reasonable steps to protect their young female student from abuse.

Additionally, once the abuses came to light, the school district provided no support for the 13-year-old victim of Berger’s abuse. Aside from failing to protect her privacy and exposing her to widespread public humiliation, the school never offered her any help, treatment, or counseling in the aftermath of her trauma. In the lawsuit, our team noted that the district had seemed to completely “turn away” from this young girl, further perpetuating the harm result from the administration’s negligence.

Representing Sexual Abuse Victims in Salem

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