Is Trauma Something I Can File a Claim For?

When individuals are involved in car accidents, they are often left to deal with the damages associated with it—both physical and emotional. While many injured are quick to think about the legal action they may be able to take to help recover compensation for physical pain, they don’t always think of the emotional damages.

In legal matters, many people wonder if emotional trauma is something they can seek damages for when filing a claim. It’s important to recognize your rights as an injured individual to know exactly what you can do and why claims for trauma can be helpful.

Non-Economic Damages In a Car Accident Claim

In Oregon, those who have sustained injuries as a result of a negligence-related car accident have the legal right to pursue compensation when the other party is liable. One potential damage that can be sought is considered non-economic damages.

These are designed to help the plaintiff recover for damages that don’t have a monetary value attached to them. This includes the pain and suffering—as well as emotional trauma—that an injured person can sustain.

Typically, this is done on the basis that the trauma is impacting the accident survivor’s life in a negative way. Non-economic damages compensate the injured party for loss of enjoyment in life and more.


How Do You Prove Emotional Stress After a Car Accident?

We understand that the symptoms you are experiencing from the accident and your injuries are potentially debilitating, yet proving the impact of this trauma in court has numerous challenges. In order to build a viable case that you have suffered emotional stress or trauma following a car accident in Oregon, you will need to demonstrate the impacts of emotional distress on your life and quantify the amount of distress suffered.

These can be classified in the following ways:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Social anxiety/isolation
  • Problems with your weight or appetite
  • Depression and/or suicidal thoughts

A knowledgeable attorney can help you build a solid claim with evidence showcasing the impact of emotional stress resulting from the accident and the damages you are entitled to as a result.

How This Helps an Injured Person

When someone sustains trauma and emotional damage, they are often left looking for ways to cope with the pain and suffering. Unfortunately, this means that the individual may be unable to drive because of fear, it could impact a career, and even require care from a therapist or more.

Seeking compensation helps the injured party afford some of the things that are not associated with physical injuries and keeps them in a position where they can recover properly.

At The Gatti Law Firm, our lawyers are truly committed to helping individuals who have suffered physical and emotional injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. We care about our clients, their best interests, and their rights.

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