How Lawyers Help Me Get What I Deserve

Personal injury lawyers cannot magically make all of your problems go away with a phone call or a letter. Personal injury cases are complex; and in spite of advertising lawyers bellowing their laudable goals, ask a lawyer how many cases that lawyer has actually taken to trial and most will say never or less than three. Why? Because car accident cases need special expertise. In order for fair and/or full recoveries to take place, the case needs to be handled correctly from the beginning:

  • Wage loss needs to be documented
  • Evidence needs to be preserved
  • Witnesses need to be contacted
  • Doctors need to be paid
  • Insurance companies need to know that you will not be pushed around by their heavy-handed tactics or promises to be fair when the company is, in fact, setting you up for failure

Insurance Form

Importantly, if you are represented by a skilled lawyer, the insurance company cannot take control of your case. The control stays with you. You document your injuries and you help yourself to a full recovery at a fair price.

Insurance companies are not your friend. Insurance companies attempt to keep you from getting a lawyer because companies know if you are protected it will cost the company more. Insurance companies have their adjusters call you immediately. The adjusters record what you say, try to direct your medical treatment, they try to steer you in their body shops and all of this is for the purpose of devaluing your claim and short-change you.

The Gatti Law Firm not only stops the insurance process from devaluing your claim but, actively working to help you document your injuries and increase your ability and likelihood of recovering what you deserve. The insurance companies have people working for them, to protect them – shouldn’t you have someone working to protect you?

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