Waiting Too Long to Get Legal Help After a Car Accident

Many people want to “tough it out” to see if their injuries get better. Many times people who are injured in a car accident are in shock and don’t hurt immediately. Later that night or when they wake up, an injured person is stiff and sore. If that person waits days, weeks, or months to seek treatment, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to prove to an insurance company or a jury that the injury is related to the car crash.

The maxim, “if it isn’t in a doctor’s note it didn’t happen” is relied upon by the insurance company. If there is a delay in treatment, that delay is often interpreted as a delay in the onset of the problem – and then there is an uphill battle to prove what caused the problem.

Don’t rush to a doctor if there is nothing wrong with you. However, if an injured person is having a problem, that person should take the time to go to the right type of doctor. Oftentimes, injuries that go untreated can heal incorrectly or develop into long-lasting and chronic conditions. If you break a tooth and it hurts, wouldn’t you go to the dentist right away? Why would it be any different for your neck or back?

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